Monday, 29 February 2016

00. Introduction


'Redefining Atlantis' is perhaps a little misleading, it goes much deeper*. The focus is not only the enigmatic lost city / island / continent, but also on Greek Mythology, ancient Greek culture, anthropology, and the migratory patterns of the Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean peoples.

*It is safe to assume puns and ambiguous comic references are intentional

Originally intended as a book, Redefining Atlantis just became too big. This blog builds into a comprehensive guide that explodes myths, provides answers, and gives informed personal hypotheses. Much of what you read here is well documented, the perception however is personal and to the best of my knowledge unique. Though not considered an expert in any field, an eclectic wisdom has certain advantages over a specialised one. My chief criticism of others who may have researched Atlantis is tunnel-vision, preconception, and inflexibility of thought.

The story of Atlantis is bigger than the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah type tale. The Atlanteans were key to history, the missing link. The Atlanteans were the progenitors of the Hellenes, and their polytheism is the origin of monotheist religion. There is little doubt they were the superior race of their time. Although there could be a basis for some otherworldly explanation, there is also a more natural one, in Redefining Atlantis we will consider all the options. Split into four sections, an overall picture is given for you to assess and draw your own conclusions.

Before the Romans adopted and tainted it (see Greek Love), Greek 'religion' was in many ways something to be lauded. Over the years, misinterpretation has led to many misconceptions. Redefining Atlantis aims to set the record straight. If you have anything to add or require additional information, please comment on the relevant post or e-mail in confidence.

Statement of Facts:

This blog-book is neither intended to offend nor influence the beliefs of the reader. This is MY belief. In these sensitive times, it appears just holding an alternate view of our origins can cause hysteria. The information here is provided as a statement of 'facts' as I see them and in my opinion is no less plausible than the views of anyone else. 

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